Welcome to Applied Physics Alumni Association ( University of Calcutta )

News Flash :

Our Department of Applied Physics was established in the year 1925, under University of Calcutta for Post Graduate study in Electrical Technology and allied Sciences. Presently three majors areas of studies are being conducted in the department namely Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering and Optics & Opto-electronics.

Our department being one of the oldest of its kind in India has contributed a lot in the technological development of our country, especially in the post- independent period when the country badly needed technically qualified manpower to build the nation. Alumni from our department have been effectively working all over India and abroad and continuously contributing towards technological development.

Once we complete our study in the department, we generally spread out as needed by our assignments and only meet rarely in some occasions. The occasion where most of us meet is our annual ritual of Reunion. Every time whenever we meet there, we felt the need of a platform, where all of our alumni can contact each other, exchange views on various subjects, place professional requirements for guidance, post relevant news etc. etc. The basic need of that plan is a correct database to start with which our present Alumni register can hardly satisfy. Reunion of 2006 is an important milestone for all of us, when we finally made a decision to launch a full-fledged website for our Alumni Association. Once that is there, we can use the same for all activities, which will encourage our interaction and strengthen our association.

This website will not only give alumni the opportunity to get in touch with each other but will also open a gateway for the existing students by providing them a full-proof database of their seniors. They will be able to get in touch with all the seniors who are right now associated with various organizations across the country. This will definitely ensure a better job prospect for all of them.

Our sincere request to all the alumni is to use this website as far as possible, communicate about the sites to all acquaintance alumni and make the endeavor a great success. Existing students are also requested to put their best effort to make the site popular for our benefits. Let us make this a great platform for technological exchange.